hi, i'm robert!

I like solving problems and meeting new people!

My specialization over the last two decades has been as a solution architect specializing in data integration as a firefighter and trailblazer working with bleeding-edge technologies.

I enjoy learning about each client's unique business and empathizing with their underlying frustrations.  I can insightfully and quickly find a solution which not only solves their current problems but also addresses their underlying issues before they've recognized them.

While effectively identifying each client's core issues and communicating my solutions to non-technical senior executives, I am able to help the client achieve a resolution.

My unique competencies are attributed to the various diverse experiences I have enjoyed in identifying clients' requirements and designing their solutions using my extraordinary database, instruction, programming, and networking skills.  My true passion is conquering challenging situations.

I continue to grow as I engage in conversations with new clients, learning about their infrastructure, industry, and discerning their unique business needs.

To learn more, or discuss possible work, let's talk!

single-handedly   architected, proved, and prepared a   U.S. Patent   for an algorithm in the financial industry

architected  the first   real-time vehicle visualization and monitoring system using real-time vehicle monitoring data

developed  one of the first   applications calculating estimated delivery dates for mail sent through the U.S. Postal Service

designed, developed, and launched   one of the first   social networking websites (before MySpace and Facebook)