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work experience

2002May - Present

Self-Employed, Consultant

Principal Solution Architect
Data Integration Expert


REST webservices facilitating food deliveries more info
Individually designed, and developed REST webservices for a restaurant marketing, e-commerce, and social media firm to facilitate deliveries of food orders between customers and restaurants.  Generated online API documentation using Swagger.

Algorithm capable of eliminating financial advisors' manual updating their clients' investment portfolios
Single-handedly architected and proved a revolutionary algorithm for advisors on normalizing and consolidating investment portfolio financials, harvested from over 10,000 financial data sources, into meaningful, comprehensive, and accurate data.  This data is ready to update their clients' portfolios in the advisors chosen client financial management software and generate performance reports in portfolio accounting applications.

Prepared a U.S. patent for this solution. Global patent searches proved promising, however post-Alice patent law changes obstructed the opportunity for this patent and a nearly identical patent application prepared by E*TRADE.

Extended Systems Inc.
Achieved Sarbanes Oxley Compliance within 90 days, keeping the clients' ticker symbol from being delisted on the NASDAQ stock exchange, and quickly resulting in being aquired by Sybase for $71.3 M.  Implemented a new custom sales system; migrated data from their prior sales system; developed interfaces that synchronized data between their sales and financial systems; and launched an international solution throughout offices within the United States, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

United States Army, General Electric, Allstate Insurance, and Environment Canada
Architected the first real-time vehicle visualization and monitoring system.  The system provided real-time access to vehicle and vehicle fleet health, location, and probability of failure using raw vehicle, from ECC (electronic control unit) sensor, and GPS data sent via satellite modems.

Infini Solutions
Developed one of the first multi-channel marketing applications that calculated estimated delivery dates for each individual item in multi-million-piece mailings, sent through the US Postal Service.  This individualized delivery date allowed their clients to contact them the day prior, day of, or after receiving their mailing.  In some cases, each recipient received an email the day before arrival and a phone call the following day.

2002April - 2004September

Access Alumni, Inc.

Partner, CTO

Job Description

Designed, developed, and launched the first social networking website dedicated to reestablishing relationships between former co-workers of Arthur Andersen, LLP.  This enabled over 10,000 former employees, from over 75 countries, to maintain relationships with their former co-workers.  The website also featured private discussion forums, a secure place to post their resumes for recruiters to review, and search for new job opportunities.  I was responsible for all technical aspects of the company and website.

This website was launched 2 years before Facebook, 1 year before Myspace, and was in the media nationwide -- including a televised interview with NBC and articles featured in the Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal.

1997September - 2002May

Technology Advisors, Inc.

2001 - 2002 CRM Development Manager
1998 - 2001 Senior Consultant
1997 - 1998 Consultant

Job Description

Assigned as project manager, development manager, lead developer, and account manager on customer relationship management projects throughout the nation.  Managed direct reports, evaluated employee performance, interviewed employee candidates, designed mission critical interfaces that synchronized data between CRM and ERP systems, and was recognized as one of the top SalesLogix (CRM) experts in the world.

Responsibilities included estimating project costs, project scope management, creating project change requests (PCR’s) when necessary for approval, governing project plans in MS Project, leading an internal status meeting for upper management, providing resource management, and ensuring project objectives were met.


Boise Cascade Office Products and The Reliable Corporation
Managed $2 million CRM projects by leading a seven-person development team, managing project costs, scope, resources, conducting weekly upper management status meetings, and working with mid-level and less experienced developers to perform as senior developers.

Oversaw, optimized, and troubleshooted the CRM projects' complicated environment with over 2,000 users, over 300 concurrent network users, and over 100 remote synchronized users connected to over 6+ GB SQL Server databases using 5+ Citrix Server array on a TCP/IP over Novell IPX/SPX network.

Designed and implemented mission critical interfaces using custom windows services between IBM’s IMS and SQL Server 7 databases using Visual Basic 6 and IBM’s MQ/Series.

Performed an intricate database migration, from Oracle to SQL Server after SalesLogix (the independent software vendor) stated the move would be impossible.

Human Resources Inc
Developed a time clock system used at over 700 locations worldwide, that synchronized data between SQL Server 6.5 and remote Access 97 databases.  This system tracked when employees at each location clock in and out during the day.  A Visual Basic 6 application (with an integrated browser), Active Server Pages, ActiveX DLLs, and ADO data connections were used in this solution.

Menasha Packaging Company
Converted a barcode scanner and remote dial-in intensive Visual Basic 3 application to Visual Basic 5 and created an InstallShield installation package for the application.

1995September - 1997September

Fryer Company

Systems' Integrator

Job Description

Managed the internal functions of the Electronic Imaging Division including order processing, inventory control, hardware and software integration, quality control, and on-site technical support and training.

Individually integrated high-end Image Analysis systems, averaging $200,000 per system and representing over $3 million in 1996 sales, which allowed researchers to analyze images seen in microscopes on computers via digital and video cameras.  Some of these systems were used to perform DNA Analysis, fluorescence microscopy, calcium ratioing, and Metallurgy.


The Boeing Company
Integrated the first video-based foreign object detection system to detect and notify of tiny pieces of undesirable debris found during the manufacturing process of items as sophisticated as composite airplane wing skins.  This solution significantly reduced inspection efforts and defective products in the manufacturing process.  NASA Tech Briefs published an article on this system in January 1999.

City of Detroit Police Department
Integrated a fingerprint analysis, manipulation, and encoding solution based on the same technology used by the FBI as an interim solution for Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).

Internal Company Projects
Developed a Visual Basic 3.0 application, using multiple MS Access 2.0 databases and over fifty Crystal Reports, used to automate order processing, track and manage customer orders, maintain product pricing, track company purchase orders, and manage inventory.

Installed a 10-base2 peer-to-peer Ethernet network, using Microsoft NetBEUI and Windows for Workgroups 3.11, that allowed employees to easily share files and printers with each other.

1995January - 1995May

Rainbow Software

Computer Technician

Job Description

Built, repaired, and upgraded customized IBM compatible computers.


Computer Bay

Computer Technician

Job Description

Repaired Compaq and Hewlett Packard laptops and workstations and Compaq ProLiant servers.

Repaired Epson and Hewlett Packard inkjet, dot-matrix, and laser printers.


Baxter Healthcare

Network Technician, Consultant


Installed, configured, and documented a new multi-level file and printer sharing token ring network (LAN) used by over 50 employees at their corporate office in Deerfield, IL.

Installed a printer sharing network at an office in Los Angeles, CA.



Illinois Institute of Technology

Taught Visual Basic 5.0 programming at their downtown Chicago campus.

Twenty-five students attended this class Monday through Friday.

1998 - 2001


Taught SalesLogix end-user training.  Class sizes varied from 5 to 20 users per session with 15 to 20 sessions in 1999.

1998 - 1999


Taught end user and administrative training for Maximizer 97is and Maximizer v5.0 CRM software.

Environment was Windows NT and Novell using Btrieve and MS SQL Server with its optional data synchronization capabilities.



CompTIA A+

Certified in knowledge and competency in installing, maintaining, customizing, and operating personal computers, laptops, mobile devices, printers, operating systems, and wireless networks.

1998April  and  2002???

Microsoft MCSE

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Certified on designing, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting network systems.
* renewed certification in 2002

Passed the following tests in eight weeks (fastest MCSE certification in the company).

  • Networking Essentials
  • Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Workstation
  • Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Server 4.0
  • Implementing and Supporting Windows NT in the Enterprise
  • TCP/IP
  • Internet Information Server 4.0


Microsoft MCP + Internet

Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet
* renewed certification in 2002

1998 - 2001


SalesLogix Administrator, SalesLogix Enterprise, and SalesLogix Integrator certified.


Epson Service Technician

Attended Epson technical training in preparation of being certified to repair all Epson printers; dot-matrix, laser, inkjet, and line printers.


2010September - 2010November

Mike Jankovich for Alderman

Campaign Team, Chicago, IL

In charge of all technical aspects of the candidates' campaign for alderman of the 43rd ward of the City of Chicago (the second most influential ward in the city) including internet presence, social media, and email marketing efforts.

Elections are early November.  Check when we started the campaign.

2002October - 2005October

Chicago Parrot Head Club

Board of Directors

The Chicago Parrot Head Club is a non-profit organization, whose purpose is to assist in community and environmental concerns and engage in activities that are charitable, educational, and promote the general welfare of the community.

The national association which the Chicago Parrot Head Club is a member raised $2.7 million and volunteered 663,543 hours in 2005.

2002August - 2003August

Village of Brookfield, IL

Technology Committee

The Brookfield Technology Committee improved the services offered by the Village to its residents, businesses, institutions, and employees.  We studied the current systems in use, the Village's current and future needs, and recommended cost-effective means to meet those needs.

Personal Projects